21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

In September we are starting a big campaign called “This Is Your Sign”. I believe that the Lord wants to do new things in your life and in our Church through this campaign. To prepare our heart for this, we will spend 21 days in prayer and fasting.  I invite you to partake in this and would therefore like to share the following information in order to help you prepare:

Why praying and fasting?

Any relationship in life needs certain basic building blocks in order for it to grow. Our relationship with God also needs these building blocks! Praying, reading our Bibles and fasting, are three basic spiritual disciplines that help us to grow in and strengthen our relationship with God.

Communication between God and myself is necessary to effectively build our relationship. To pray means that you are talking to God. When you read your Bible, God’s Word speaks into your life.
When we fast, we create extra space for God to work in our lives. It is a time where I clean my life, in order for God to work freely in me. Think of how you clean your house: weekly you dust, vacuum carpets and wash the floors, but dust gathers under your refrigerator and couches and in hidden places over time. Every now and then we need to spring-cleaning, in order to clean all the places we do not normally reach. When we fast we are engaging in spiritual “spring-cleaning”.

“Prayer connects us to God and fasting disconnects us from the world.” – Stovall Weems

If you want to prepare your heart for what God wants to do in and through you in this campaign, please consider to join us for these 21 days! Following, is a summary of how we are going to do it:

We are going to fast for 21 days from Friday, 8 September till Thursday, 28 September.

You will need to book out special time for prayer every day, during the 21 days.

How can I fast?

You need to fast in such a way that you can disconnect from your regular patterns and habits, in order to come into alignment with God and so that you can easily focus on Him and your spiritual disciplines.

The total fast will last 21 days, but it is your choice whether you are going to fast the whole 21 days, or maybe 2 days each week, or just for a week or maybe for 10 days; ask God for guidance. Also take into account your health and the levels of energy and focus necessary for your work or school. Here are some different forms of fasting that you can follow:

  1. Specific food or activity fast
    In this type of fast you omit a specific type of food or activity that is important to you, from your everyday program. You may choose to eliminate all red meat, or coffee, or alcohol from your menu. You can also eliminate activities such as sports, television, social media, news, etc., from your program. Try to disconnect a little from the world during this time.

    2. Daniel fast
    This is a popular way of fasting, which will help you with spiritual focus, bodily discipline and purification of your body and soul. The fast consists of mainly eating fruit and vegetables and drinking water.

    3. Juice fast
    With this form of fast, you replace your food intake with water, fruit- and vegetable juices. Many people will also add whey protein to their liquids.

    4. Water fast
    In the Bible, the water fast is the most common form of fasting. All food and fluid intake is replaced with water. A water fast normally lasted a day or two.

You can start preparing by gradually cutting certain foods from your menu, which you will not eat during the fast, a week ahead of the fast. At the end of your fast, you should also not immediately go back to your old eating habits. If you end your fast with a large piece of pizza and a milkshake, you might feel sick afterwards. Gradually add food back into your normal diet.

Remember, the focus is not on the fast, but on God. So if you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world, just go back to your fast afterwards. Do not focus on what you should eat so much, that you move your focus to the wrong places.

How can I prepare myself, and what is my role?

If you decide to participate in the 21 days, you can begin as follows:

  1. Decide what kind of fast you are going to follow and write yourself a list of the things/foods that you are going to fast from, for the 21 days.
    2. Write down two or maximum three things for which you specifically want to pray for during the 21 days and for which you are trusting God for a breakthrough in your life and our church.
    3. If you are going to fast from certain kinds of food, write yourself a 21 day menu and do the necessary purchases ahead of time.
    4. Read your Bible every day.
    5. Pray fervently and faithfully every day.
    6. Keep a journal of your progress, of your prayers, and of the Lord’s answers, during the 21 days.
    7. Attend church services every Sunday and community groups on Wednesdays.

    I hope this information helps you to tackle the 21 days the right way!

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